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Authored by OGAGA

DISCLAIMER: This story is a strict work of fiction that emanated from the imagination of the author. Any real life names, institutions, city or personalities used is not a direct or indirect effort to paint an express image of such person and any resemblance is a fictional coincidence.

Note: All cult names and proceeds used are also imaginary and does not point to any cult or cults.

Rated 17+


Episode 9

“`In the early hours of Saturday the barely slept Mrs. Orua kept on pacing about from sitting room to dinning room, down to lobby and off to kitchen dialing numbers that were not connecting and kept dialing even though she knew it still would say “the MTN number you’re trying to call is currently switched off.” She only prayed and hoped for a miracle which seem was not forth coming.

Suddenly, the phone that she has dropped on the dining room table started ringing. Rushing down to pick it up she said “Hello!” In an impatient manner.
“Jehovah! What happened?” She expclaimed and asked at almost the same time.
“Okay. I will be there right now,” she said and panted heavily stood, for a while thinking before she dashed in for the rooms and returned with a head tie and picked her car keys from the table and stepped out or better still ran out.

Her last set of the four wheels she drove rolled into the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital at some minutes past seven O’clock and immediately she secured a spot in the parking lot she ran off to the main building.
It took her all the composure she could muster in order to ask the nurse at the reception calmly.
“Please nurse, I’m looking for a girl that was brought here yesterday,” she started.
“Sorry ma’am, that’s not enough for me to lay hands on whom exactly you are looking for as a lot of people were brought in yesterday,” the nurse replied politely.
Mrs. Orua scratch her head in a bid to lay hands on anything she could but immediately someone came to her rescue.
“Mother!” The voice exclaimed and the tapping of feet against the tiled floor showing the person was running drew her attention to the person and it was Freedom. They got entangled in a very warm embrace but after a few seconds she broke it.
“Where is your sister?” She asked.
Freedom took the lead and she followed suit. Faith has been stabilized and had been returned from the emergency room to the normal patients ward where she was fast asleep. Dr. Mrs. Eze have by the time parted the hospital for her house as she wasn’t there over the night. She only informed her husband whom is a Pastor of the happenings and why she opt to stay over.

When they arrived the nurse that was on duty was busy checking her pulse and drips. When she was done she left them with a warm smile that she sent to reassure them she is okay. After examining her for a while Mrs. Orua asked.
“Freedom. What happened.” The words seemed to come along with pictures of how everything played fast from the gun point, to the bush, to the raping and to the forced incestuous act. All this pictures sent tears running down his cheeks as he walked backwards till he laid his butts on the couch like chair in the room. It took all the encouragement she could offer to make him talk and when he did. Mrs Orua could not help but weep for the abomination that has been written against her family.

When Faith finally woke up she stared blankly at Freedom with no words coming from her opened mouth as tears rolled turn after turn. The whole room was silent with no words from anyone. Tears rained heavily from the three people in the room. None could muster strength to speak and none could look at the other in his/her eyes.

Faith has been harmed more emotionally than she was physically. Psychologically she was sick. This condition bought them few more days in the hospital before they parted it. To aid her quick recovery Freedom has been banned from visiting her or coming to her sight till she recovered to a great height. When they even got home she remained in her room for weeks while Freedom equally did not return to school yet.

On one of those regular irregular days something happened. Faith was seated on her bed looking at the blank wall while her mum stayed on the bed with her. But suddenly she sprang up and ran off towards the restroom.“`

Episode 10 soon!!!

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