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Authored by OGAGA_bleeds

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DISCLAIMER: This story is a strict work of fiction that emanated from the imagination of the author. Any real life names, institutions, city or personalities used is not a direct or indirect effort to paint an express image of such person and any resemblance is a fictional coincidence.

Note: All cult names and proceeds used are also imaginary and does not point to any cult or cult.

Rated: 17+


Episode 6

“`Mrs. Orua departed from the house much more earlier than usual since the competition in the states she was headed were more of a concern than Bayelsa and Delta State she have supplied. Faith left later on around some minutes past nine o’clock and walked down through the close they lived heading for the junction that led to the main roads. Upon her arrival, she waved down the first tricycle that was having space among those passing by.
“Big tree,” she said and the tricycle rolled to a stop and she boarded it.
She highlighted at different junctions till she finally got to the school main gate. The kind of traffic congestion that the matriculation ceremony had caused was second to none it was a replica of rush hour.
She walked through the gate and followed the train of people that were well dressed with cakes or different confectioneries obviously meant for the occasion.

On the other end, students dressed in different ways and manners but all well dressed and topped with a gown flowing down filled into a big auditorium. Obviously for their matriculation oath and all other initiation rites into the university community. Freedom left the hall immediately after the oath has been sworn in search of her sister, and in no time they were together. Different backgrounds has been designed by photographers in a bid to help keep memories but among all GEO KHRIZ KLASSIC PHOTOGRAPHY had the best design and his quality delivery in short time was a reputation he kept and even in the land of FUTA.

“Babe, I’m confused oh! which one should we go for now?” Freedom complained.
“I think I like this one,” Faith said pointing to a green flowery background.
“Yeah. And I also like this one too,” Freedom said pointing to another standing beside it.
“We could snap in both. Moreover it seems it belongs to one person because I can see GKK PHOTOS on both,” Faith intoned.
“Yeah… That’s true let’s go then,” Freedom said and they proceeded to snap pictures courtesy of the money mummy had sent to Freedom and the cash she gave to Faith to compliment everything and make up for her absence.

In no time they were done and their pictures were ready In soft and hard copies in a couple of minutes. They left there for an eatery where they ordered for quite a number of takeaways then they left for Freedom’s abode. Few friends came around and the matriculation ceremony was made worthwhile. Around four in the evening the mini party was over and it was left with the two siblings.
“Enhe Fred. You promised to take me around campus,” Faith said as she jolted from the bed and pointed one finger each from both hands to Freedom’s chest while wearing I got you smile.
“Ouch! Oh oh oh! I’m tired jare,” Freedom said complainingly.
“Who your tired help? Big lazy head,” get up let’s go jare.
“Allow me to sleep small abeg,” Freedom said as he willingly fell backwards.
“Bro get up jare,” Faith dragged him up and when he knew it was a lost fight he changed into something lighter and Faith did same from the little bag she carried and they stepped out.
“Ah! This sun is high oh,” Faith complained using a hand to cover her eyes from the her direct beam of the sun.
“I told you before; allow me to sleep and we will go later. You said no. Shall we continue or I should go and sleep?” Freedom asked turning back to the gate and paused to wait for her response.
Faith did not reply with words she just turned and followed suit. Freedom slept off while Faith occupied her self with a movie series on Netflix till she slide off into a deep sleep. They both slept off not minding the speed at which the hands of the clock chased their selves.
Faith woke up to the sound of her phone and looking at the screen it was their mother.
“Hello mum,” she said in a sleepy voice. “Yes ma, I was sleeping,” as the involuntary hormones secreted and she yawns. “He is sleeping too.” “Okay mum. Bye for now,” she concluded the call and made to fall back to the bed when her eyes caught the clock seating some feet up opposite her.
“Jesus! To seven?” She jolted from the bed and looked at her phone for confirmation and confirmation she did get. Her jolting must have wake the lazy headed Freedom.
“What’s it?” Freedom said groaning.
“Bros get up jare this is to seven. Get up let’s be going,” Faith said tapping Freedom in a hasty manner.
Freedom got up at last and after failed attempt to cajole her they would go the next day, they washed their mouth and departed with their phone in hand and some cash to get some stuffs on their way back since the kitchen was a mess courtesy of Freedom and his people and Faith had planned to help out in the morning.

They walked off and crossed the road into the campus and started their tour. The solar powered street light did a great job in lighting up their paths as they continued. When Faith finally got satisfied it was nine twenty-five post meridian. They weren’t coming back through the route they took in rather circling round through another route. Upon getting to a point Freedom suggest a diverse.
“Faith, let’s take here it is faster,” Freedom said.
“But there are no lights there na,” we have our touches let’s follow here please I’m tired and hungry.
Faith gave up the fight and they started off.
As they walked on two boys dressed in white top flying a white Beret emerged from their front in the bush path they were following.
Upon sighting him Freedom held her by the hand and turned round in a bid to return to where they were coming from. As he turned he turned to a hot slap from another white dressed guy. The slap must have sent his gut out of him as he just stood thinking it was a ghost since he couldn’t differentiate between the one he saw in front or the on behind.
He quickly looked twice and he saw they were two different people both in white the only black thing in them was their head and their guns.
“Move it unless you want chop slap,” one of the white men shouted pointing to a part that doesn’t exist but leads to the bush“`

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