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Authored by OGAGA_bleeds

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DISCLAIMER: This story is a strict work of fiction that emanated from the imagination of the author. Any real life names, institutions, city or personalities used is not a direct or indirect effort to paint an express image of such person and any resemblance is a fictional coincidence.

Note: All cult names and proceeds used are also imaginary and does not point to any cult or cult.

Rated: 17+


Episode 7

Freedom was terrified at the sight of guns and Faith has Frozen on her steps. Freedom could not lay hands on what was happening because it seemed his head wasn’t booting at this point because it seems everything was happening too fast. It took another resounding slap for him to know he was asked to follow the bush part that led to the heart of the bush.
“Please let us go. We mean no harm,” Faith started falling on her knees.
“Yes Sir we didn’t mean to disturb you please,” Freedom joined her on his knees.
The men that seemed to lack patient picked Faith on her shoulders after he corked his gun and threatened to shoot if they say another word or attempt to scream. Faith struggled fruitlessly on the husky structured guy that carried her. Freedom on the other end was being pushed forcefully by either a slap, a hit of gun or a kick. They continued quite a distance till they settled and the guy threw Faith down and ripped her T-shirt off revealing her breast in a small bra. Freedom nor faith needed a prophet to tell them what was about to happen.
Faith kept on struggling not letting the guy till he landed a slap on her face and pointed his gun to her head.
“Move an inch again and I will blow your head off,” the guy said in a thick voice that only oozed alcohol and weed.
On the other end Freedom has been struggling to break free to save her sister as the guy went in to her with force and Faith screamed in acute pain. The guy stuffed his hands in her mouth to muffle her screams. Violently he assaulted her and when he was satisfied he arose.

“This girl self na virgin. See as she stained me,” the guy said as he adjusted back his zip and belt.
He took the crying Freedom that has been silenced by the cold mouth of gun pointed to his head while his sister groan in pain.
The second guy took his own turn in assaulting the poor girl lying in the pool of her blood as a result of her hymen. When they were done raping her the second guy stood up.
At this point Faith was barely moving though she was still breathing. Freedom was released immediately the second guy was back to himself. They were about going when something struck one of the guys.
“Black! Calm down,” he said as he returned his gun to Freedom’s head.
“It seems you love your girlfriend very well and it obvious you haven’t eaten her fruit. May e no be like say we greedy,” the guy said.
“Before the count of three take of your trousers,” he barked at Freedom.
“One!,” He started to count.
“Two!,” At this point he brought the gun closer to the subbing Freedom that now hurriedly took off his underwear.
“Now. Good. Good,” he said. Now enter her.
Freedom was shocked and frozen.
“Enter her,” you dey stand. The other guy said as he landed him a dirty slap and hit him to the ground.
He was left no choice but to do to his sister that which they have instructed while they beat him at different intervals telling him faster, slower, etc.
As he followed instructions reluctantly, Faith opened her eyes faintly and looked at him and hot tears rolled from her eyes.
He has been busy crying while he continued with the instructions that he did not know when they left.
Immediately he noticed there were no more voices he looked around and found none. He pulled off and rushed turned to her.
her eyes showed she was loosing life and he knew it. He needed to do something to save her life.
He wore his shots and pulled down her skirt. Buttoned her chest slightly and carried her while struggling with her waits. He was walking as he mind led him because their phones had been made away with and there was no form of lightening around. He walked walked to he realized he was already lost.

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