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Posted by bridgeupdate

Authored by OGAGA

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DISCLAIMER: This story is a strict work of fiction that emanated from the imagination of the author. Any real life names, institutions, city or personalities used is not a direct or indirect effort to paint an express image of such person and any resemblance is a fictional coincidence.

Note: All cult names and proceeds used are also imaginary and does not point to any cult or cults.

Rated: 17+


Episode 13

Since the time they’ve left the house till the time they arrived at the clinic Faith hasn’t stop bleeding for a second she have been bleeding even right in the emergency room as they attempt to stop the bleeding.
The Doctor and his team of nurses battle as much as they could all in a bid to stop the bleeding. There was no option he did not try, still he wasn’t giving up. As all this were ongoing Freedom has being the most confused human being living at that moment. He continued pacing to and fro the space he could find. He continued muttering words of prayers to any God whom cared to listen at intervals he attacked nurses with questions each time they rushed out to pick one or two things.
At a point the bleeding seemed to have stopped as it wasn’t pumping out again. But all of a sudden a nurse shouted.
“Doctor! We are loosing her,” as she looked at the machine whose readings were dropping on the vertical axis. The Doctor immediately took to emergency pumping of her chest in a bid to sustain and reignite her breathing. He continued and continued and continued saying
“wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” As bids of sweats started building on his face and tears dropped from his eyes. Something kept him pushing and pressing on her chest till a fellow Doctor came and held him by the shoulders breaking him from the spell that had kept him attached to her. It was evident she was gone and wasn’t gonna return.

The time was past two and Mrs. Orua was carrying a tray of bread to give to her customer but all of a sudden she lost her grip and the bread fell off to the ground. Her heart beat raced and she became sweaty all of a sudden. She could not get a hold of what was wrong but she definitely knew something was wrong. Her customers and passerby rushed down to attend to her and know the cause of her outburst.
“Don’t worry I’m fine,” she responded. She completed her sales there and they drove off. Instead of continuing the sales tour she asked the driver to set for the route that leads back to River State and subsequently Port Harcourt. On the way she had called Freedom and Faith’s numbers in vain. They both rang but none took them.

At the hospital Faith remains had been prepared and arranged. All have left the emergency room for the main clinic except the lead Doctor. He could not muster courage to look into Freedom’s young face and tell him
“We lost her.”
But finally, he came out. All sweaty though looking as professional as he could be. He tried his best to put his emotions under control. This wasn’t the first time he was loosing a patient, but this one had the best grip of his as it been the most horrible and pitiful sight he had behold.
“Doctor! Tell me is not true,” Freedom started. “Tell me my sister is alive,” he continued as tears started building up and his voice became cranky.
“Doctor! Answer me,” as he fixed his hands against his collars, pulling him to and from himself. “Answer me…ee…,” He continued as he released the collar and dropped to the ground crying.
Nurses ran down to console him but all to no avail. All of a sudden he sprang up and entered the emergency room. He picked up Faith’s corpse throwing away the White cover they’ve used to cover her. He picked her heavy body on his shoulders and headed out of the room. Nurses ran down to stop him but the looks he wore advised them to stay clear.

He took the corpse and continued on his way crying but with courage and determination. He got to the compound and entered he walked straight to a corner and layed her down. He left for the house that he didn’t lock before and the tracks of blood that dripped from her legs and dropped were still there and it seemed her gentle spirit was lurking around the corners of the house weeping.

He went inside without a tear dropping from his eye. But his heart was soaked with tears. He returned with a spade and he started digging. He continued digging without a pause for hours he was on it. At about three thirty post meridian WAT her mum’s bus dropped her at the gate while the driver took off to complete the supply in the neighborhood.

Mrs. Orua stepped into the compound with speed only t behold the shocker of her life. The blood trails she saw at the gate has alerted her of great danger but nothing as horrible as seeing her daughter dead and her only brother digging her grave. She rushed down to her dead body laying on the ground.

“Faith. Faith,” she called out. “I’m here talk to me,” she continued. “Faith talk to me.” Eh continued tapping and calling out till her faith and patience failed her and she came to the realization she is gone.

“No! I’m dreaming. Yes I must be dreaming,” somebody wake me up no… No.. it not possible,” she sprang up again and came closer to Faith’s corpse throwing her body all over it.
“Faith don’t do this to me. Don’t,” she continued as if she was hearing.
As her hope slid away she resorted to her thoughts and she spoke out:

“Midday Darkness”
The candle of life has been taken at my darkest night.
The tiny rays of light that glows out in my tunnel has suddenly vanished.
My soul has been ridden of joy and happiness.
I have been cursed with a midday darkness.

When the sun sets and my morning is yet to come.
Then did mourning come faster than the morning
The words of consolation means nothing to my soul.
For misery I have known and bad luck has being my lot on this midday darkness.

What hope is for tomorrow?
If there is a God, does he lie dead?
Or nature no longer have its course that light in the morning and darkness at night?
Why would my midday be characterised by the gloom that succeed sunset?
Why would my midday become darkness?.

I am but a leaf ready to be whisked away by the desert wind.
I am but a blind man wandering in the land of scorpions.
I am but an aborted morning replaced by the mourning of many.
I am the victim of a midday darkness.

Episode 14 soon!!!

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