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[Sponsored] Letting Go – Onikola Daniel

[Sponsored] Letting Go - Onikola Daniel
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Letting Go

(a piece by Onikola Daniel)

You woke up one morning and told me you were in a relationship. I kept silent. Although, I knew you were not ready. Your emotions decided for you, considering the fact that you had liked him for years.
Your relationship painted itself red black- so people will eulogize your love.

Deep down your heart, you knew the foundation was wrong. For six months, maybe it’s conscience, maybe it’s the books, but something kept telling you leave the Ship you were sailing on.

It’s definitely the books, cause you’ve experienced “self discoveriy”. And your eyes are opened like you took a bite from the forbidden fruit, now you know better.

You are not ready for a relationship, I wished you took your time.
Love is not what you see on the TV screen, love is responsibility. Are you prepared for responsibility?

Adebimpe, you must learn to master your emotions.

“I take the blame”- she said, water streaked down her skinny cheeks.

I’m not blaming you, although this is about you and not him. I’m sure this would break his heart but this decision is in your best interest, Self-discovery, remember?

Follow the right path and grow. He could still be your friend, but nothing more. When he calls tonight, tell him It’s Over.

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