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Lauren Jauregui – 50ft (Music Video)

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Lauren Jauregui

has been living the socially distant life since long before quarantine, as detailed by new song “50ft.” 

On the smooth, bilingual song, Jauregui details how she sees through “the bullshit” and keeps an “exclusive” group of people who love and respect her. She keeps everyone else at a 50-foot distance, especially if they cannot properly support or encourage her. The video was shot in December with her family and closest friends and shows them enjoying a gorgeous day in her Florida family home.

“I wrote it from a space of reflection on how I interact with the world energetically,” Jauregui wrote in the caption of an Instagram post she shared earlier this week that featured the single’s official artwork. “This artwork truly encapsulates the feeling of distance spoken about in the song while asserting the closeness of my relationship to my loved ones (pictured with me are my mom and sister) who hold me the fuck down always and forever in the midst of it all.”

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