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[Article] Youth and Useful

[Article] Youth and Useful
Posted by bridgeupdate

Authored by Adeyemo Stephen Bishop

It’s been said, the glory of youths is their strength. Youths are the main strength of the society; where development, both social or and self-development of variety of skills stick to learn. A youthful fellow are product of discipline in their respective environment life. They are submissive to law of the land and try as possible to be registered in history to effectively execute their massive responsibility to the society.
In fact, half of the world population are youths but not all are effective in their respective callings due to how desperation has grossed minds for pleasure without fair tenacity that will lead them through life process.

“An effective youths is a product of discipline to the society”.

Four ways to lobby into usefulness as a youth:

1. Respect the worth of your environment
2. Buy humility with submission
3. Draft your path to life and be consistent to advance with time
4. Develop yourself alongside with time.

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