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10 Leadership Habits That Will Set A Great Example For Your Employees

10 Leadership Habits That Will Set A Great Example For Your Employees
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Great leaders don’t simply tell their team what to do; they lead by example and “walk the walk.” Staff members are much more willing to listen to instructions and respect leadership if their boss is doing the same.

So what behaviors are best for encouraging strong work ethic, relationship-building and leadership development? We asked a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members what habits leaders can adopt to set a good example for their team. Read on for their best recommendations.

1. Practicing What You Preach

Humans are visual creatures. We learn faster when we see—it’s the reason stories stick better than random data. The same goes for team members and their leaders. Consciously or unconsciously, we pick cues from our environments and act accordingly. When a leader comes and leaves work before everyone else, members of the team will generally follow suit. When they see how their leader handles conflict in the office, they take note. A highly caring and competent leader will inspire fierce loyalty. That care and competence will spread across the team, reducing office politics and speeding up execution.


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